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The health of your children is top priority

Your child is unlikely to be seriously ill, but you never know what the future may bring. If you have to stop working to care for your child, who is going to cover your bills?

ChildMax will reimburse your take home salary for 12 months while you’re on unpaid leave caring for your child. Claim payments are tax-free.

Although the NHS provides world class medical care, parents become part of the care team 24/7; this can reduce earnings leading to family hardship.

With ChildMax, you’ll be able to give your child the time they need during both the medical crisis and the recovery period, knowing that ChildMax is paying your take home salary.

Is it expensive?

Your actual premium will depend on the amount of your take home salary and the number and age of your children, subject to a minimum single premium £49.50 (incl. IPT) for a 12 month policy.

For example, a parent with 2 young children with a £1,800 take home salary per month would expect to pay £106.48 (Inc. IPT) for the annual insurance policy. If 1 young child, then expect to pay £60 for £1,800 take home salary.

5 reasons to buy ChildMax

  • Peace of mind, as ChildMax will pay your take home salary within 30 days of your claim being agreed.
  • Prepared, as ChildMax will pay 12 months’ take home salary while you’re on unpaid leave.
  • Renews annually, so you are not tied in for many years.
  • Flexible, so if needed you can return to work on a full-time, part-time or other basis.
  • The sale is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and insured by an A rated insurance company.