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Whether you’re a school, an SME or a large employer, tighter rules for salary sacrifice schemes are in force. That’s just one of many constraints adding complexity to your business.

How can you benefit your employees without budget spend?

By offering ChildMax as a voluntary benefit, paid for by employees, you are providing a family-friendly insurance product that chimes with financial wellness.

What is ChildMax?

It’s an annual insurance paid for by employees, from £49.50, protecting their take home salary if they take unpaid leave to care for a child following a diagnosis from an illness or accident listed in the policy. While on unpaid leave, ChildMax will pay their take home salary each month for 12 months. If needed, they can return to work on a part-time or flexible basis.

Easy to set up:

We provide editorial copy and a link, so you can send an email to your employees, or add it to your intranet or benefit platform. The link connects employees to our easy to use website or they can speak to our UK call centre team.

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