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InsureWithMax Blog

Date: 10 May 2019 by Max Robinson

Saving to the max

I am in my mid 50’s and looking to retire in my 60’s, but if had become an extreme-saver in my 20’s, then I would expect to retire in my early 40’s. This is what the FIRE movement, (Financial Independence Retire Early) aim to do. FIRE breaks the old rule of working for many decades before retiring at 68. Do you want to be part of FIRE movement?

Date: 06 May 2019 by Max Robinson

Exam heaven or hell

We are in the GCSE exam season; the trick to exam success is to revise and be prepared as you walk into the examination room. While studying for my professional insurance exams, I was working full-time and revising before starting work and at the weekends; it was challenging. Do you have children revising for exams?

Date: 29 April 2019 by Max Robinson

Carry on homework

When it came to homework, I was a self-starter. I did ask for help from my parents when needed. Many parents encourage their kids to do their homework, knowing that they took their homework seriously. Do you reinforce the message that homework is a priority for success at school?

Date: 23 April 2019 by Max Robinson

Joining the dark side

If like me, you use the internet, you may have heard about the dark web, but have no idea what it is. It’s possible that your children are visiting or using the dark web (Tor); it’s not dangerous or illegal to visit the dark web. In contrast the evidence shows that sex offenders are more likely to interact with victims on the open web. Take 5-minutes to understand the dark web.

Date: 15 April 2019 by Max Robinson

Let’s talk money – it’s harder than talking about sex

My name is Max and I talk about money. Admitting you can talk about money is a good thing for you and your children. For the previous generation, they saw shame in having financial difficulties and often kept quiet about money troubles. Are you teaching your children to open about money?

Date: 08 April 2019 by Max Robinson

Work-life equilibrium

I’ve spent over 30 years working and the workload hasn’t reduced; worse it’s gone up. The use of email, laptops and phones mean that we don’t leave work as we arrive home. Over-working and neglecting your personal life can make you vulnerable to mental health issues. Do you take work home? If yes, check you work-life balance.

Date: 01 April 2019 by Max Robinson

The Cash King is dying

I still use cash for small purchases, as I like to keep track of spending. More and more coffee shops and small retailers are taking electronic payment only. In the UK, cash use has been falling leading to 2017 seeing debit card payments overtake cash payments. A recent report stated that at current rate of decline, it would mean cash use would cease in 2026. Are you ready for cashless spending?

Date: 25 March 2019 by Max Robinson

Your Money or your happiness

Money and happiness as measures have always fascinated me; if money bought happiness, then millionaires would never suffer from depression and only poor people would be unhappy. But real life is complex; a YouGov survey stated that 5% of people on £5,000-£10,000 said they were always happy, as did 4% of those earning £50,000-£60,000, as did 4% earning £150,000 and above. Do you measure your happiness through money?

Date: 18 March 2019 by Max Robinson

Sleep like a baby

You read about living well, the work life balance, eating less sugar and having 5 fruit and veg a day. However, you don’t read that a lack of sleep means feeling grumpy and not working at your best. If you were to suffer from sleep deprivation, then expect your physical health to suffer. Are you sleeping well?

Date: 11 March 2019 by Max Robinson

Time-off work for sick a child

Any working parent with a boss faces the dilemma of a sick child: losing money (unpaid time-off) or using up holiday. Less money means the parents’ health and wellness may suffer. A work scenario: being disciplined for having too much time-off due to a sick child. What would you do?

Date: 04 March 2019 by Max Robinson

Mind the pension gap

I have always supported females joining the workforce. However, it saddens me that over 100 years since women secured the vote, a gender pay gap remains in almost every occupation. Worse, this pay gap translates into women receiving less private pension money at retirement. Have you thought about the gender pay gap affecting your pension?

Date: 25 February 2019 by Max Robinson

Telling a white lie

We’ve all done it at least once last year. We’ve told a white lie in front of young children when mentioning Father Christmas. We did it for the right reason to protect their innocence and creative imagination. Children learn the truth when they're ready. Little white lies can be a convenient way to get around saying no. Experts agree that bending the truth isn't likely to harm your child. Or can white lies create harm?

Date: 18 February 2019 by Max Robinson

Older workers rule OK

I’m a worker aged over 50, and if you believe the negative press, then you’ll think that I’m tech illiterate, low skilled and have crumbling health. Think again, as the over 50’s are often at their work peak, plus they play a vital role in teaching skills to younger people in the workplace. Are you a trusted over 50’s worker?

Date: 12 February 2019

We love our pets, but we love our children more.

My name is Max and I am relaunching a new annual insurance for working mums (and dads). Your child is unlikely to be seriously ill, but you never know what the future may bring. If you stop working to care for your ill child, who’s going to cover your bills?

Date: 23 April 2018 by Max Robinson

State Pension: what’s in it for me?

Having worked for over 30 years, I will qualify for a State Pension when I reach the State Pension age at 67 years old. This provides me with a “small” secure income for life which increases by at least the rate of inflation each year. The reason I say small is the State Pension offers £8,546 in 2018. Are you on top of your State Pension?

Date: 16 April 2018 by Max Robinson


Unlike the 1:7 people retiring this year who have not made financial provision, I’ve been concerned with my pension arrangements throughout my career. It’s never too late to save for your retirement and the new auto-enrolment pension rules will help many younger workers. Are you ready to pay more into your auto-enrolled pension?

Date: 09 April 2018 by Max Robinson

Teaching money sense

We have entered a new tax year, from April 6. How many older children know this? I learnt about tax and money from my mother – a critical life skill. It helped me manage my own finances as undergraduate student, aged 19. While parents think it’s important to teach children money management skills, few are doing it. Do you teach your children money sense?

Date: 02 April 2018 by Max Robinson

Conquering those food bills

We often consider going to a coffee shop as a necessity, rather than a luxury. It’s easy to drink away the mortgage or rent, as takeaway coffees quickly add up. A working couple spending £30 per week on coffee could rack up over £1,500 in a year; eating into other household budgets. Compare this to the average family spending £53.20 on the weekly food shop, as per Office of National Statistics (ONS). Do you have a guilty food pleasure?

Date: 26 March 2018 by Max Robinson

Life Long Learning

In 2016, I paid for a project management course that lasted a week and I was awarded Practitioner Status. It was a shock to the system, being back in the classroom and doing exams. Not all learning needs to be in the classroom, as there are many ways to carry on your education with little cost. Are you a lifelong learner?

Date: 19 March 2018 by Max Robinson

Avoiding meal dramas

Food and meal times can be a battle of wits for many parents with fussy children. I grew up loving food, never afraid to try new foods, textures and flavours. As a young child, I watched the TV cooking programmes, wanting to try the cooked dishes. Food is an adventure, although for many parents, getting a child sitting at the table, or trying new food can be a stressful event. Are you facing meal dramas?