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Date: 20 November 2017 by Max Robinson

Screens and Teens

As the iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary, children are spending less time watching a TV set. YouTube is one of the most popular online destinations for children to watch content, with around three quarters using it. Parents have no playbook to guide them in this new digital world. How do you control screen use by teenagers?

Date: 13 November 2017 by Max Robinson

Coffee: capsule or bean to cup

After breakfast, I like a cup of espresso coffee, while reading the news on my tablet. It means pressing the button on my capsule coffee machine. Hey presto, the same cup every morning. To cut the cost of the capsules, I am considering buying a bean to cup machine, creating an authentic barista moment. Do you use a capsule coffee machine?

Date: 06 November 2017 by Max Robinson

Eggs punch above their weight

I was eating a poached egg for breakfast and wondered how eggs are eaten a year in the UK. The web stated that the total number in 2016 was 12,591 million. That’s 12.6 billion; in other words, each of us eats 193 eggs per year and 34.5 million eggs eaten per day in the UK. We can thank 36 million hens who make up the UK flock. Mind boggling. Are you an egg fan?

Date: 30 October 2017 by Max Robinson

Pets fret about fireworks

We are a nation of animal lovers who set fireworks off to celebrate the failure Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plotters. The problem is that you can’t tell the pets that it’s a noisy celebration. Let’s face it, many animals find fireworks scary. It's estimated that 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. Cats hate loud noises, so please don’t ignore the problem. What should you do?

Date: 23 October 2017 by Max Robinson

Leasing a car is seen as child's play

Call me old fashioned, but I save up and buy my cars outright. This is different to most other drivers, as per the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, about 80 per cent of new cars are sold on a personal contract via leasing. Salesman present leasing as an easy decision, like child’s play. Should you buy a new car or lease it?

Date: 16 October 2017 by Max Robinson

Potty Mouthed Children (warning: this post contains swear words)

I’m not against swearing, if used in the right time and right place. Growing up, I did my fair share of swearing, but not at home. My parents were light swearers and stamped on it. Can you guess what age children are when they say their first swear word? Should we blame the parents or our society’s view of swearing?

Date: 09 October 2017 by Max Robinson

Be fraud savvy

I have chosen a pleasing photo of chocolates rather than warning with skull and cross bones. Why? Most people have no idea that they are being scammed, as they don’t see a danger flag. Financial scams aim to con you out of your money, either through fake websites, emails or phone calls. Do you know how to protect yourself? If not, read on.

Date: 02 October 2017 by Max Robinson

Working teenagers

Many parents reading this post will have worked part-time as teenagers. Today, they are faced with the dilemma of letting their own children work part-time or concentrate on studies. Most teenagers don’t work, as a report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills revealed that only 18% of 16 and 17-year-olds work part-time, compared to 42% in 1997. What would you advise teenagers to do?

Date: 25 September 2017 by Max Robinson

Smile for the dash cam

Overall technology is improving our lives. One of the latest technological aids is a dashcam for the car. Insurance experts talk of speeding up claims, removing fraud and reducing uncertainty of witness statements. There’s an estimated 26m cars on our roads with less than 4% using a dashcam. Many predict that that 2017 will see thousands of motorists buying these devices. Is it time to consider using a dashcam?

Date: 18 September 2017 by Max Robinson

Testing your loyalty

Hands up if you have a loyalty card in your wallet. If yes, then you join around 92% of adults in the UK, who have at least one loyalty card. These cards are part of the reward schemes driving us to spend and pushing us in new buying directions. Have you thought about the underline rationale for your loyalty?

Date: 11 September 2017 by Max Robinson

A house price crash: myth or reality

We are a nation of home owners and aspiring home owners. A house price crash is notoriously difficult to predict, as it's more of an art than a science. In a nutshell, the signs are worrying with a lack of affordability and declining sentiment pushing the market down. Against this, the housing market is protected by lack of supply of new homes and low interest rates. What’s your view?

Date: 04 September 2017 by Max Robinson

The cost of car insurance is on the rise

In the press, there's talk of car insurance premiums hitting a record high with the average price paid for comprehensive motor insurance across all ages reaching £462, as per the ABI Motor Premium Tracker. Premiums could rise further between now and the start of 2018 as insurers pass on additional costs. Have you seen rising car premiums?

Date: 28 August 2017 by Max Robinson

Improving your nest egg

The summer holidays are coming to an end and it may be a good time to spend spare cash on the right home improvement project. We are not only a nation of home owners, but also a nation of home improvers. The Office of National Statistics found that we spend nearly £30 billion a year on home improvements or £82m a day. Are you aware of the improvements that can increase the value of your home? If not, read on.

Date: 21 August 2017 by Max Robinson

A child in need is a child indeed

Growing up, I was the elders of 4 siblings. To be honest, we had fall-outs as children, but we get on well as grownups; we are not rivals. In the summer holidays children are often on top of each other, which can lead to squabbles. However, I see friends where their childhood rivalry and blame follows them into adulthood. Why don’t children stay friends for life?

Date: 14 August 2017 by Max Robinson

Work, rest and play unless poor mental health

Although many families are relaxing on holiday, this work message is a positive one. Many workers, including high powered leaders will have a period of poor mental health. They can still earn a living and by acknowledging mental health issues at work, we are supporting them. We must stop seeing mental illness issues as a stigma at work. Do you agree?

Date: 07 August 2017 by Max Robinson

The cycle of health

Learning to ride a bike is an important skill that every child should learn. I cycle as a hobby, having covered over 47,000 miles to date. The NHS recommends that children take at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Children love cycling as it's fast and fun, giving them freedom and independence to get around. Do you agree?

Date: 31 July 2017 by Max Robinson

Pensions in “holiday mode”

Is your pension in holiday mode? In other words, many pension plans feel care free and relaxed, as if they were on holiday. It’s a valid question. People think about retirement, as the pension industry research shows that the average annual retirement income people aspire to is £32,270, despite the average UK salary being £28,000. Does this shock you? If yes, then read on.

Date: 23 July 2017 by Max Robinson

Staycations are here to stay

Growing up we didn’t’ have many holidays abroad, so going to the airport and being in a hot foreign land had glamor and excitement. However, with the weakness of sterling, the aggro of airport travel, many people are looking closer to home for a staycation. Are you planning to holiday in the UK this year?

Date: 17 July 2017 by Max Robinson

The cost of holidays in term time

The school holidays start this week. Parents will be only too aware that the average holiday costs 60% more during the school summer holidays. In the old days, families were allowed flexibility and responsibility in taking term time holidays. Today, parents face fines and imprisonment. What’s your view on taking term time holidays?

Date: 10 July 2017 by Max Robinson

Children’s lives for all to see

I have written a paper diary since I was 17 years old and haven’t missed a day in my life; to date writing over 1.2 million words. I enjoy it, however in my youth I would have hated people reading it. Any child using social networks are creating a modern-day diary and photo album for all to read. This has implications for parents. What’s the answer?