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Date: 20 March 2023 by Max Robinson

The First Shave

For all teenagers, the question of shaving will arise. Ultimately shaving is an individual decision based on cultural or family traditions, hormonal development, and society’s expectations. A teenager will know when they’re ready for their first shave. Is there a best way to shave?

Date: 13 March 2023 by Max Robinson

Shopping Addiction

Most people shop as an enjoyable activity. Sadly, some shop as an obsession, and for a few are addicted to spending. Up to 350,000 people are shopping addicts in the UK. More women suffer from compulsive shopping than men. The good news is that shopaholics can be professionally treated. Do you know a possible shopaholic?

Date: 06 March 2023 by Max Robinson

Pressure Cooking

The pressure cooker is coming home. They have been updated and are simpler to use. Remember that pressure cooking is a wet cooking with at least 2cm of water in bottom the pan. There are lots of easy recipes. Is it time to cook with a pressure cooker

Date: 27 February 2023 by Max Robinson

Not cow’s milk

There are many TV adverts encouraging consumers to buy alternative cow’s milk products. Supermarkets stock many animal (e.g. sheep, goat) and plant-based (e.g. oat, almond) alternatives. Few people have a milk intolerance; many may be vegan or take an environmental standpoint. Are you seeking alternatives to cow's milk?

Date: 20 February 2023 by Max Robinson

Calling on the over 55’s

Younger workers often see older workers (over 55's) as off sick, slow and stuck in their ways. Given the staff shortages, the government is encouraging early retirees to return and older workers to stay on longer. The good news is that older workers make a win-win situation for both employee and employer. Do you believe in the power of older workers?

Date: 13 February 2023 by Max Robinson

Lost Pension Pots Seeking Owners

Many people are worrying about paying for Christmas, but few are worrying about finding a lost pension pot. The number of unclaimed pension pots has risen to 2.8m, valued at £26.6bn. It is tricky to keep on top of pension schemes in a long career. Your workplace pension contributions are your money. Are you missing any of your pension pots?

Date: 06 February 2023 by Max Robinson

A Shout Out for Insurance

The UK insurance industry is the 4th largest in the world and over 300 years old. We often buy motor and home insurance and some of us buy life insurance. Most working adults have long-term saving products, like a work pension. Why buying insurance/long term savings is a good thing?

Date: 30 January 2023 by Max Robinson

Flunking New Year’s Resolutions

January is about to end. Many of us like to set New Year’s Resolutions. Sadly, few of us achieve our goals, as we blame changed circumstances or changed priorities. Most of us simply gave up after one week. Are you succeeding in achieving your New Year goals?

Date: 23 January 2023 by Max Robinson

Children Self Harming

Self-harming is a tricky subject to talk about. The reasons for young people self-harming are complicated and varied. The numbers are hard to find, but girls are 4 times more likely to self–harm than boys. Is child self-harming on your radar?

Date: 16 January 2023 by Max Robinson

Warming to Wood Burners

Wood burning stoves saw a 40% increase in sales, showing that consumers are trying to counter the rapid cost of heating. An eco-burning stove costs £1,000-£1,500, plus installation* and burns about £650 in logs for evening and weekend use. If your home has a chimney, have you thought about buying a wood burning stove?

Date: 08 January 2023 by Max Robinson

Stop Bad Saving Habits

Many make a New Years' resolution to save money. The amount saved often depends on the size of the income. Those with higher wages have higher expenses and save more for their retirement. Around one-third of the adults have savings less than £600 (2020). Have you got a decent savings plan for 2023?

Date: 02 January 2023 by Max Robinson

Dry January

We learnt last November that the cost of living is rising at its fastest rate for 41 years, making a tough winter for many people. When under pressure, it’s easy to use alcohol as self-medication. A dry January is not drinking alcohol, knowing that it will not only bring health benefits, but also save money. Are you joining the dry January wagon?

Date: 27 December 2022 by Max Robinson

Divorce January

Although not wanting to put a damper on a fantastic Christmas, it’s worth noting that Divorce Day is the first working Monday of the New Year. This year saw the biggest reforms to our divorce laws in 50 years. Ignoring blaming spouses, do you someone divorcing in 2023?

Date: 19 December 2022 by Max Robinson

Faith in what…

Christmas is an important event in the Christian calendar. For the first time the 2021 census showed that only 46% of UK adults identify as Christian. Likewise, the number who said they had no religion increased to 37% of the population. Are primary and secondary faith schools a good idea in a growing sectarian society?

Date: 12 December 2022 by Max Robinson

Positive Reasons for Arguing

It’s easy to argue about the way things should be done at Christmas. Each partner having grown up with different ways of celebrating Xmas. Even deciding on the best time to open presents can create conflict. Christmas frustrations can boil over. Have you argued over the Christmas schedule and/or process?

Date: 05 December 2022 by max robinson

Frozen pipes

Winter has arrived with cold days and freezing nights, increasing the risk of burst pipes. Water damage to a home is covered by buildings insurance. Simple steps can prevent frozen pipes in seasonally cold weather. Do you know how to reduce the risk of a burst pipe?

Date: 28 November 2022 by Max Robinson

Hoarding is a mental illness

In the UK, it’s estimated 2.5-6% of the population is affected by a hoarding disorder. Hoarding often begins in adolescence and can become a problem for people in their 30s. The average age of people seeking treatment is about 50. Do you know a hoarder?

Date: 21 November 2022 by Max Robinson

Telling Children About The Cost of Living

The cost pressures are having a real impact, given almost half of UK families have less than a month’s income in savings. Worse, around 1.3m families have no savings at all. Family money worries can impact children. How do you talk to your kids about the money pressures?

Date: 14 November 2022 by Max Robinson

Investing in Shares

Yes, investing in shares is riskier than keeping money in a bank, but it can be more rewarding. Imagine saving £10,000 over 15 years to 2020. If invested in the UK stock market it would be worth £22,069, while the same cash held in a bank account would be worth £12,293. Is it time to invest in shares?

Date: 07 November 2022 by Max Robinson

Numbers Galore

Nearly 17m adults have numeracy skills roughly equivalent to those expected of children at primary school. The cost of living crisis will hamper many adults as they grapple with budgeting with less money. It’s Number Confidence Week (7-11 November). Is your family confident about numbers?