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Date: 13 October 2019 by max robinson

Talk about death

It can be devastating losing a loved elderly parent; bereavement is likely to be the most distressing experience that we will face. Grief is what we feel when somebody we are close to dies. Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no right way to grieve. Have you been through bereavement in the last 3 years?

Date: 06 October 2019 by Max Robinson

Changing careers

Over 30 years of working, I was never brave enough to change my career. The evidence is that many workers want to switch careers and try something new. This is a good news story, but it needs the right attitude and a strong confidence in learning new skills. Have you ever wanted to change career?

Date: 30 September 2019 by Max Robinson

Holding all the credit card aces

We’ve all seen the distress that Thomas Cook has caused to 150,000 British holidaymakers needing to be repatriated, with hundreds of thousands of others losing their holidays, weddings and more. The good news is that package holidays will be refunded via the ATOL guarantee. Flight-only deals will have to be refunded via banks or credit card providers. Why use a credit card to protect your purchase?

Date: 23 September 2019 by Max Robinson

Leaving a job on good terms

If you have changed roles or jobs, then the trick is to maintain a professional reputation, ensuring that you leave with dignity and on good terms. Telling the boss where to go or letting colleagues endure some home truths, may hinder your job search or arrive with you at your new employer (on social media). Have you ever left a job and regretted what you said?

Date: 16 September 2019 by Max Robinson

Building your new business…

A female work friend is leaving the corporate treadmill to set up her own business. It’s not only a great way to have a new adventure, but also a way to wear an entrepreneurial hat. I built a new insurance product from scratch and went to market within a year. I concur with the adventure element and exhilaration of making business decisions, however it means going from elation to despair in the same email. Have you wanted to set up your own business?

Date: 09 September 2019 by Max Robinson

Dream of a pay rise

We’re moving into pay rise territory for next year. If you feel under-paid, then you should seek a pay increase. It means negotiating with your manager. There are wrong ways and better ways to ask for a pay rise. Are you nervous asking for a pay rise?

Date: 02 September 2019 by Max Robinson

Think veganism

This isn’t a fad, as veganism is gaining a strong following. You may have been one of the 300,000 who took part in Veganuary (eat vegan in January). Major supermarkets are catching on and stocking up on vegan-friendly food. Are you thinking about following veganism in your diet?

Date: 26 August 2019 by Max Robinson

A difficult co-worker

It’s inevitable that in your long working life, you’ll come across challenging co-workers. The first instinct is to make an emotional defence against the challenge. However, it’s important to avoid acting on your emotions, instead face the co-worker challenges with logic. Have you experienced a tricky colleague at work?

Date: 19 August 2019 by Max Robinson

Dad’s the word

When dads take time-off work to help their partner with the caring for a new born baby, it has a positive impact on the family, including the children. Estimates suggest that in 2016 around 215,000 dads claimed paternity pay and around 6,000 employees shared parental leave. Would expect your partner to take paternity leave?

Date: 12 August 2019 by max robinson

Camping adventure or OMG

My first experience of camping in a tent, was 46 consecutive nights on a French cycle trip following my degree. Over the years, I have camped many times in France. If you’re anti-camping, then you won’t see a relaxing family holiday, but rather running a home in a tent. Are you inside or outside the tent when it comes to a family camping holiday?

Date: 05 August 2019 by Max Robinson

Holiday time is good time

I like to a holiday with its many advantages, including time away from work. Some experts reckon that a third of workers do not take their full holiday entitlement. Reasons given are heavy workloads, tight deadlines, job insecurity, diary clashes and anxiety about taking time off. Do you feel guilty about leaving colleagues working while you’re holidaying?

Date: 29 July 2019 by Max Robinson

It’s cool to write computer code

Brilliant news that Alan Turing has made it to the £50 note. It’s easy see writing computer code as being an IT geek. Think again, as learning to code at school will help children with other skills such as organisation, problem solving & confidence. Support your child to see computer science as a positive experience.

Date: 22 July 2019 by Max Robinson

Juggling holiday childcare

Last week my sister was explaining how she and her husband were dividing up the childcare in the school holidays, where each would work from home on different days, as well as using school holiday clubs and friends. The number of working mums with dependent children has surged to 4.9 million. Do you juggle childcare in the school holidays?

Date: 15 July 2019 by Max Robinson

You’re dismissed from work: made redundant

Last week the news channels were showing employees walking from UK buildings, clutching boxes. This means that they were dismissed, most likely due to non-renewing a fixed-term contract or being made redundant. In my 30-year career, I have been made redundant twice, each time I was in a steady job and then shown the door by my employer. If you have been made redundant, how did you cope?

Date: 08 July 2019 by Max Robinson

Coping with a shy child

I was a shy child. My mother was a shy adult, and I always wondered whether her shyness rubbed-off on me. No one can pinpoint what causes shyness. It may be an inherited behaviour or maybe shaped by family relationships. Do you have a shy child?

Date: 01 July 2019 by Max Robinson

Mind the gap (year)

The A-levels exams are over and it’s time to look to further education. When I began my degree, the number of students taking gap-years was relatively small. Today, many A-level students want to escape the classroom before university and recharge their batteries using a gap-year. Would you support your child taking a gap-year?

Date: 24 June 2019 by Max Robinson

Age old decision – children attending a rock festival

It’s a post-GCSE ritual for thousands of 16-year-olds; a rite of passage for any young adult before going into the sixth form. For most parents the thought of their teenager being away for 72 hours at a music festival is a major decision. Would you let your teenage children attend a music festival?

Date: 17 June 2019 by Max Robinson

The joys of a staycation

Last year’s summer kept on giving us beautiful sunny days. The perfect reason for having a staycation. Tourism experts estimated holidaying in the UK last year pumped about £31bn into the economy. Are you planning a staycation this year?

Date: 10 June 2019 by max robinson

Drive an electric car for zero emissions

I’m intrigued by electric cars, as the sales in the UK remains relatively small, but the selection of new electric cars is growing fast. Car manufacturers are embracing the new technology, delivering models with longer ranges, faster charging times and lower prices. Should you consider electric driving?

Date: 03 June 2019 by Max Robinson

Working a 4-day week is the norm

I began my career working a 5-day week but expect to end it working a work 4-day week (being self-employed). Recently, a UK call centre is moving from a 37.5-hour week to a 30-hour week; it will need a 20% increase in productivity to maintain business performance. Bosses believe greater use of data analytics and the web means fewer calls. Would you like to work a 4-day week for the same pay?