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The curse of part-time work

The curse of part-time work

Encouraging women with young children back into the jobs market has been a priority for any government. Flexible workers are happier which means greater productivity. Technology means employers can organise flexible working. Since 2014 employees have had the right to ask for flexible working hours, but as per a recent BBC survey less than half of parents feel it is an option in their workplace. How can this happen?

part time work

The demand is real

The ONS figures showed there were 4.9 million mothers with dependent children in work in 2017, up from 3.7 million in 1996, with women with young children most likely to work part-time. Reasons include more flexible working practices, shared parental leave and free government sponsored childcare.

The legal big print

All employees with 26 weeks or more service can request flexible working such as working from home, part-time working, flexi-time, job sharing and shift working; employers must consider the request in a reasonable manner.

The legal small print

The problem arises from being request, rather than an absolute right. The employees’ request must be made in writing setting out the change, the start date, and what effect the employee thinks it would have on the employer.

The problem

Employers are required to consider requests objectively, and must notify a decision within three months. The employer is expected to hold a meeting with to discuss the flexible working request in good time, and then communicate the decision.

Clear business reasons for any rejection

The law states that an employer is entitled to reject a flexible working request. There are 8 business reasons that an employer can use, which include the burden of additional costs, an inability to either meet customer demand, to reorganise work, or recruit new staff.

Can an employer’s decision be challenged?

There is no obligation to provide an appeal, unless this is part of the company policy.

Part-time winner

If a request is approved, it will represent a permanent change with no right to return to the original terms in the future, unless otherwise agreed.

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Date: 30 January 2018 by Max Robinson