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Conquering those food bills

We often consider going to a coffee shop as a necessity, rather than a luxury. It’s easy to drink away the mortgage or rent, as takeaway coffees quickly add up. A working couple spending £30 per week on coffee could rack up over £1,500 in a year; eating into other household budgets. Compare this to the average family spending £53.20 on the weekly food shop, as per Office of National Statistics (ONS). Do you have a guilty food pleasure?

vegetables BBQ

Take-out or eat-out

According to analysts, the delivery sector rose almost 10% to 599m visits in 2016, while total visits to restaurants and other dining venues rose by just 1%. The take-away food delivery was worth £3.6bn last year, a 50% increase since 2008. Even pubs were part of the home-delivery revolution by partnering with delivery firms; they increased their delivery visits by 59% over the previous year.

Throw away queen

Are you one of those, who throws away about 19% of the bought food? If yes, then join thousands of households that throw up to £50 worth of food per month, or £600 per year. Keep potatoes and onions in a cool, dark place rather than in the fridge, but do not store them together as they produce gases that can damage each other. They can be wrapped in paper, but not in plastic bags. Keep other veg in the stored in plastic bags in the fridge.

Shopping tips that can add up

  1. Making a meal plan can save real money, by removing possible waste, plus cutting down on impulse purchases.
  2. Buy loose fruit and vegetables instead of being pre-packaged, as it’s cheaper.
  3. It’s not necessary to throw food away, if it’s past its best before date; that is about quality only. See how it smells and looks. A “use by” date is important to follow, as this is when the food could be unsafe to eat.
  4. If you are on a budget buy frozen vegetables, as it’s cheaper and you use what you need and safe the rest.
  5. Avoid the deli counter in a supermarket, as the food looks tasty, but it’s priced accordingly. Often the items are available elsewhere in the shop at a cheaper price.

If you can change your shopping time you can save serious money, especially on big ticket items, like meat or fish. My local big supermarket at 5.30pm on a Friday discount certain meat and fish by 50%, as they must sell it by close of business. There is no telling what will be discounted, but it occurs every week at the same time; proving that evening shopping can save big money.

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Date: 02 April 2018 by Max Robinson