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Carry on homework

When it came to homework, I was a self-starter. I did ask for help from my parents when needed. Many parents encourage their kids to do their homework, knowing that they took their homework seriously. Do you reinforce the message that homework is a priority for success at school?

dad doing homework

Happy homework

Children generally finish school in the late afternoon and go to bed at about 8-9pm. That’s four of five hours of free time, some of which will require homework time. UK parents are less likely to spend more than an hour per day helping with their children's homework compared with parents in other countries: only 11% of UK parents spent an hour per day helping their children, far behind 62% in India.

Children are learning life skills by doing homework, as they follow a routine each day, time plan, organise, prioritise and problem solve. Many parents use rewards such as TV or a game. Equally, the opposite can lead to punishment for not going homework.

Tips for Primary school homework:

  • Create a homework space, a quiet spot in the house.
  • Take their homework seriously, as it will encourage them to do it.
  • Stop TV and other background noise.
  • If children struggle to complete their homework, then tell their teacher that they need help.

Tips for Secondary school homework:

  • Provide help with editing by reading the completed assignments.
  • If they’re struggling, help locate online resources that are appropriate.
  • Help with time management and ensure all distractions are switched off.
  • Help build in appropriate breaks into study time.

Telling a child the correct answer, means that the teacher doesn't know when your child is struggling with. Use questioning to help them get as close to the answer as they can. Under pressure, don’t take on the responsibility for your child’s homework, as it’s not your homework. Homework is a lesson in independence and managing deadlines; your children must feel the consequences of not completing their homework.

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Date: 29 April 2019 by Max Robinson