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Exam heaven or hell

We are in the GCSE exam season; the trick to exam success is to revise and be prepared as you walk into the examination room. While studying for my professional insurance exams, I was working full-time and revising before starting work and at the weekends; it was challenging. Do you have children revising for exams?

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What’s Your Learning Style?

  • Visual means that you learn best by watching others, reading information or looking at diagrams.
  • Aural means that you like to listen to an explanation and follow the instructions.
  • Kinaesthetic means that want to do it yourself, such as practical, energetic ways of learning.

Before kicking-off the revision

  1. Set goals by writing down the grades required for each subject.
  2. Create a revision timetable and be realistic about how much work can effectively be completed in a day or a week.
  3. Know the syllabus, including the style of question and subject areas being tested.

The best tips pass exams

There is no silver bullet to revision success, other than understanding the learning style that suits you; tailor each study session by choosing more effective revision technique. Here are the best tips, many of which have worked for me:

  • Take regular study breaks; aim for 45-minute sessions with 10-minute breaks.
  • Complete practice papers to become familiar with the exam format and identify weak areas.
  • Make flash cards, which are bitesize revision notes. This helps to boost memory.
  • Find the golden revision time when you're most productive and stick to this time, e.g. morning or evening.
  • Remove distractions by turning off phones and tell your friends to leave you alone.
  • Work in groups with your classmates, as quizzing one another, sharing notes and explaining ideas may make it easier to remember

Most of all, mix up the revision techniques, to stay motivated and inspired. Try alternative methods such as listening to a podcast, watching videos or documentaries. Even create revision posters or moving to a new study area. Students not only need to make time, but also need a balanced approach to revision.

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Important: If you feel that you have revision stress issues, please seek advice from your school.



Date: 06 May 2019 by Max Robinson