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The joys of a staycation

Last year’s summer kept on giving us beautiful sunny days. The perfect reason for having a staycation. Tourism experts estimated holidaying in the UK last year pumped about £31bn into the economy. Are you planning a staycation this year?

Child starfish

What’s a staycation?

It means a summer holiday spent in Britain rather than going abroad. Travelodge have run an annual holiday index since 2011; they found that 85% of us take 3 staycation breaks a year on average. The index also revealed that 38% of Britons want to holiday in the UK rather than Europe. Cornwall tops the chart as Britain’s top holiday destination, with Devon a close second.

Why take your summer holidays in the UK?

Apart from the unpredictable weather, there are many great reasons for enjoying a British holiday.

  • Beautiful Beaches. We have 65 Blue Flag beaches in England, 10 in Northern Ireland, 44 in Wales and 5 in Scotland. 
  • Discover the history within our island. Wherever you stay, there local history to see and experience.
  • Fabulous Food & Drink, as we have so many regional food delicacies and traditional dishes. Gastro pubs means that good food is near-by.
  • Forget passports and chaning currency. 
  • Include your pets, as going on holiday becomes a team-family event.
  • Use your own transport and no luggage allowance. You can take a bike rack, roof racks and even a trailer for equipment.
  • Save money, as not only will the cost of the holiday be cheaper, but also you can use the savings to take the family on a day trip to the big local attractions.
  • Supporting the local economy and giving a boost to local events, accommodation providers and restaurant owners.

Travelling abroad on holiday is inherently stressful with a family in tow. Avoid queuing to get onto the plane after queuing to get through security and then queuing again at the local passport control. Finally, if you choose to spend your holiday in the UK, given the relatively small size, you’re never too far from another attraction or landmark.

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Date: 17 June 2019 by Max Robinson