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Coping with a shy child

I was a shy child. My mother was a shy adult, and I always wondered whether her shyness rubbed-off on me. No one can pinpoint what causes shyness. It may be an inherited behaviour or maybe shaped by family relationships. Do you have a shy child?

Shy childIt’s natural

Not every child has a busy social life filled with friends, as many shy children find it difficult to make the first step. They may struggle in the playground or in social situations. It’s normal for children to go through spells of shyness when they encounter new events like starting a new school.

Situations that may lead to shyness?

  • A child’s never wants to leave a parent's side.
  • Doing poorly at school.
  • Difficulty making friends.
  • Bullied children run risk of developing shyness.
  • Neglected children run the risk of shyness.

Helping a shy child?

  1. Being sensitive to a child’s interests and feelings will build confidence.
  2. Building self-esteem, as shy children may have negative self-images.
  3. Developing social skills by playing with other children in controlled situations, so they learn to be assertive.
  4. Don’t push a shy child into a situation which they see as threatening.
  5. Hide your own doubts or anxieties from your children.

Learn not to reinforce your child’s shyness by labelling them shy, as it makes them feel they’re doing something wrong. Remind them of a time when they were in new situation and had fun. You may also want to arrive early to new locations and let your child explore before the other children arrive.

Although shyness is seen as a negative attribute, there are positive behaviours including, not getting into trouble, listening attentively to others and being easy to look after.

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Important: If you feel that your child’s shyness could be linked to anxiety, then talk to your GP.


Date: 08 July 2019 by Max Robinson