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It’s cool to write computer code

Brilliant news that Alan Turing has made it to the £50 note. It’s easy see writing computer code as being an IT geek. Think again, as learning to code at school will help children with other skills such as organisation, problem solving & confidence. Will you support your child to see computer science as a positive experience?


It’s more than numbers

In May 2018, the UK government announced a cash injection through the National Centre of Computing Education to improve teaching of the computing curriculum. It will train up to 8,000 computing teachers on the latest digital skills; ensuring every secondary school in England has an IT teacher.

Why invest in digital?

The digital sectors contributed £118 billion to the economy in 2015 and an estimated 1.2 million more people with specialist digital skills are needed by 2022. By ensuring the next generation has the technological skills we will maintain the UK’s position as a leader in the digital economy.

5 reasons why children should learn to code

With your child potentially reaching employment age in the next decade, having a coding and programming background could mean they are very much in demand in the 2020s. Here are other reasons:

  1. It develops multiple facets of your child’s education, including maths and creativity.
  2. Helps logical problem solving, making kids visualise abstract concepts in a fun format, building confidence and communication skills.
  3. Computer programming can also let your child improve their written skills.
  4. Coding isn’t just about computers. Most things we use, from smartphones, domestic appliances, cash machines, or traffic lights has lines of code making them run.
  5. Coding is the language of the world. A child that doesn’t know the language of computers, could be held back, as if there were illiterate at work today.

For those parents not convinced about coding, imagine the rise of robots and AI (artificial intelligence) systems that will be part of all our work lives over the next 20 years. There has never been a better time for your child to learn coding at school.

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Date: 29 July 2019 by Max Robinson