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Camping adventure or OMG

My first experience of camping in a tent, was 46 consecutive nights on a French cycle trip following my degree. Over the years, I have camped many times in France. If you’re anti-camping, then you won’t see a relaxing family holiday, but rather running a home in a tent. Are you inside or outside the tent when it comes to a family camping holiday?

Child sunsetCamping is in vogue

The Great Britain Tourism Survey stated that in 2015, 15m camping and caravanning trips were taken, averaging 4.2 nights and costing £162. The trips were split 74% within England, 17% in Wales and 9% in Scotland. The total value to the economy was £2.5bn.

Advantages of camping

  • Happier with life, as research by the Camping and Caravanning Club discovered that 93% of campers say camping can make you happier.
  • Family bonding time and children learn new and positive behaviours.
  • Change of routine, as camping removes home comforts and set routines. Being woken up by the sun and heading to bed as soon it gets dark helps the body clock.
  • Improving family communication, as pitching a tent and running daily campsite life means working as a team and interacting with each other.
  • Camping is a method for alleviating stress, by going back to nature. The sound of the wind blowing or the rain hitting the nylon is matched only by the dawn chorus.

Yes, the biggest disadvantage of camping is having to share a shower block with the other campers and taking the kids to the toilet in the middle of the night. If you can get over that, here are top tips for starting your camping adventure.

Tips for first-time campers:

  1. Buy a bigger tent than you think you'll need, for extra comfort and space.
  2. Take home bedding comforts like duvets and blow-up mattresses.
  3. Cook with 3 portable single gas burners, as they are cheap and speedy meals.
  4. A reliable light source is a must, so take a few torches or LED lights.
  5. Clothing needs to cover every eventuality: summer hats, fleeces, wellies and waterproofs.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but campsites are good for children’s independence. No cars, open spaces, lots of children around, the older ones looking out for the younger ones. Camping is an adventure, building confidence and independence for any child.

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Date: 12 August 2019 by max robinson