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Our Story

At we understand people.

ChildMax is built from Max’s personal experience within his own family when in 1995 his little half-sister began to need years of 24/7 care arising from a rare condition. Max’s father and step mother didn’t give up hope, but they had to battle, both financially and medically.

In 1997, Max’s father became the full-time carer while his step mother became the bread winner. The financial impact was life changing. Over the following years, they witnessed other parents, whose lives had been torn apart by the consequences of a child’s illness and a reduced capacity to earn money.

Max is a professionally qualified insurance underwriter with 29 years’ experience. This included twenty successful years at a large European insurer which gave him the confidence to develop a new insurance product for working families. It needed to be affordable and protect them from financial hardship caused by salary loss when caring for a child with a major illness or a severe accident.

In January 2016, Max’s belief inspired him to launch to develop and market ChildMax. He joined forces with a team of key people to ensure the success of this unique insurance product.

In May 2016, the insurer reduced the minimum premium by 59%, from £120 to £49.28. A minimum premium is the lowest premium that an insurer can offer cover that includes the policy administrative and handling costs.

Max is driven by a need to keep premiums low to assist working families because he wants them to financially carry on as normal, while restoring their child’s health.